Why join Aligned

Aligned is a non-profit, non-partisan alliance of BUSINESS LEADERS
committed to improving education in Kansas and Missouri
for workforce development and economic growth.

Strengthening Businesses

Aligned business leader members work to strengthen businesses and the economy through proven investments in children.

We take a critical look at the knowledge, skills and abilities businesses need from their employees in the 21st century, such as communication, collaboration and critical thinking. We also educate policy-makers and the public about high-quality investments that help our nation’s children build a foundation for lasting economic security in the global marketplace.

Proven Investments for Business

We support proven programs that pay big dividends to businesses both today and tomorrow, strengthen communities, and get children school- and work- ready so businesses have a future workforce with the knowledge, skills and abilities we need.

We know that among the most effective ways to increase sales of local goods and services and create jobs is through investments in kids.

For example, investments in quality early care and education:

  • Strengthen the economy now because every $1 invested in early care and education generates nearly $2 for the local economy
  • Reduce costs from absenteeism, which costs U.S. businesses $3 billion annually
  • Generate high returns on investment of $16 for every $1 spent due to reduced crime, welfare and special education costs
  • Create a world-class workforce by:
    • Increasing graduation rates by 44%
    • Increasing earnings potential by 33%

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the governing body of the organization. Board members participate in board meetings four times a year and other ad-hoc committee meetings and should be corporate executives able to make decisions on behalf of their companies related to Aligned positioning on issues. Board members must be members of Aligned, and unless they are retired, it is expected their organization is participating at a TRUSTEE level in Aligned.

Board of Directors (Kansas City)

Maxine Clark

St. Louis Board Member

Build-A-Bear Foundation

Tyler Nottberg
Treasurer / Past Chairman
U.S. Engineering Company

Teresa Maledy

Columbia, MO Board Member

Commerce Bank


Board of Trustees

Trustees are our premier membership level reserved for a company’s most senior executive and community leader. While Trustees are welcome to participate in any Aligned meeting or special event, there is no required time commitment. Trustees serve a valuable role by providing credibility and coattails to the organization, and on occasion a well-timed phone call or e-mail to senior state policy makers to weigh-in on critical issues.

  • Trustees are the top decision-makers in their company. Trustees serve as the “coattails and credibility” for the organization. Their personal and company stature give Aligned the ability speak on behalf of business in the states of Kansas and/or Missouri.
  • Trustee companies have broad influence and recognition around the state.
  • Trustees are asked to attend one event a year (the Legislative Academy) and to provide support (phone calls, etc.) when asked.
  • Trustee companies are offered name recognition through Aligned collateral and member events.



Board of Advisors

Advisory Board dues include access to member forums, events, and communications that provide information about Kansas and Missouri’s education reform priorities and opportunities to engage in advocacy strategies.

  • Our Advisory Board has the opportunity to participate in all events and programs hosted by Aligned, but there is no requirement to do so.
  • Advisory Board members represent their companies as a part of Aligned’s membership.

Board of Advisors

 These members are our social members. They do not have to be “the” decision maker for a company, but certainly someone influential. We invite them to events, speakers and educate them on the issues. This council will be included in all communications as an FYI. Company name inclusion on marketing material will be requested.


Education & Awareness

As the movement towards investing in early childhood gains traction, it’s important to familiarize yourself with research and findings that support changes to Missouri’s current state policy. Here are some online sources that will help you learn more: