Durable Skills

Universal Demand for Durable Skills

In an era when technical skills are evolving at an unprecedented pace, there is an important set of durable ‘soft skills’ that last throughout an entire career – how we use what we know (critical thinking, communication, etc.) and our character skills.

Analysis of 82 million job postings from the past two years reveals that 7 of the top requested skills are Durable Skills. And, the top 5 Durable Skills were requested in job posting 3.8 times more often than the top 5 hard skills.

1.2 million jobs in Missouri demanded Durable Skills, compared to the 644,000 jobs in Kansas. Employers in both states are actively seeking candidates with these skills. In fact, 55% of job postings in both states requested at least 1 Durable Skill.

Our partner, America Succeed‘s Durable Skills initiative seeks to ensure every individual is prepared with the soft skills necessary for success in the workforce regardless of educational attainment, career path, or industry sector.

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Durable Skills – communication, critical thinking, collaboration, resilence, self-awareness, and leadership, among others – are essential to preparing learners for future success. They are required in every industry, across all geographies, regardless of educational level.

As employers, educators, community members, and advocates, we support efforts to ensure learners are equipped with the Durable Skills necessary to find meaningful, fulfilling ways to contribute to the world and their community.

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