Every. Student. Prepared.
Investing in the Workforce of Tomorrow

Aligned is a nonprofit, nonpartisan coalition of BUSINESS LEADERS committed to improving education in Kansas and Missouri.

Who We Are

We are business leaders who have joined forces to to ensure that education systems work better and smarter for all the people of Kansas & Missouri.

What We Do

We apply our unique business expertise, leadership skills, and influence to continuously improve Kansas and Missouri’s schools.


We are the only organization in Kansas and Missouri to bring education, business, and government leaders together. When schools improve and the government streamlines, business strengthens.

We welcome trailblazers, influencers, and decision makers committed to continuous improvement of our states’ education systems. We’re relentless in this effort. Join us and
we will translate your passion into impact.

Aligned was founded on the premise that the business community has the obligation,
opportunity and capacity to increase the college and workforce readiness of all students
through an ambitious, aggressive and comprehensive transformation agenda.

Kansas Students
Missouri Students
Kansas Businesses
Missouri Businesses

Students Not Ready


Students are our future workforce. Let’s help prepare them for the jobs, careers and futures ahead.


Help strengthen advocacy and outreach efforts with a contribution to Aligned. Your financial support bolsters the business voice and allows us to provide workforce insight into PK-12 education policymaking.

Get Involved

Participate in legislative hearings and briefings. Receive the latest press announcements and education research and reports. Communicate with elected officials through letters, calls, or personal meetings.

Our Vision

Every. Student. Prepared.

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