Why join Aligned

Aligned is a nonprofit, nonpartisan alliance of BUSINESS LEADERS committed to improving education in Kansas and Missouri for workforce development and economic growth.

Strengthening Businesses

Aligned business leader members work to strengthen businesses and the economy through proven investments in children.
We take a critical look at the knowledge, skills and abilities businesses need from their employees in the 21st century, such as communication, collaboration and critical thinking. We also educate policy-makers and the public about high-quality investments that help our nation’s children build a foundation for lasting economic security in the global marketplace.

Proven Investments for Business

We support proven programs that pay big dividends to businesses both today and tomorrow, strengthen communities, and get children school and work-ready so businesses have a future workforce with the knowledge, skills and abilities we need.

We know that among the most effective ways to increase sales of local goods and services and create jobs is through investments in kids.

For example, investments in quality early care and education:

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the governing body of the organization. Board members participate in board meetings four times a year and other ad-hoc committee meetings and should be corporate executives able to make decisions on behalf of their companies related to Aligned positioning on issues. Board members must be members of Aligned.