Aligned is a nonprofit, nonpartisan coalition of BUSINESS LEADERS committed to improving education in Kansas and Missouri.

​The organization was founded on the premise that the business community has the obligation, opportunity and capacity to increase the college and workforce readiness of all students through an ambitious, aggressive and comprehensive reform agenda.

We Believe

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Our Vision

Every. Student. Prepared.

Education has many stakeholders, our focus is the success of the student.

Inclusive of all students.

Business and education have an obligation to establish goals and execute on high standards of performance.

Success is the result of continuous improvement, change management and agility.

Education must operate in a way that ensures ease of access to all data, actions and outcomes.

Investments of time, talent, and treasure in education must yield results commensurate with the investments.

Students are individuals with unique talents, abilities, situations, and interests; Students should have the ability to develop their own pathways.

The Opportunity

Education is the most important economic development initiative that communities undertake. It has the power to transform students into creative, productive and fulfilled citizens who can bring prosperity to their communities. Unfortunately, there are too many communities where the demand for skills is outpacing the talent that schools are generating. As the economy rapidly continues to evolve, education and business will need to work together to prepare students for the future.

But those schools need help – and we need businesses to become far more active in that conversation. The future success of students, businesses and communities depends on strategic investments today, starting with a commitment to break down barriers between “the education system” and “the business community.” We have the chance to promote real understanding about what a successful future looks like and how we can achieve it by working together to prioritize education as this generation’s clean water issue.

History of Aligned

In response to the workforce crises in Kansas and Missouri, Tyler Nottberg, Chairman & CEO of U.S. Engineering Company Holdings, along with David Oliver of Berkowitz Oliver, Jonathan Freiden, CEO of U.S. Toy & Constructive Play Things, and President Torree Pederson, founded Aligned (formerly the Alliance for Childhood Education) in October 2011.

Since 2011, Aligned has assembled a coalition of business and civic leaders who are committed to focusing strategically on ways that communities can work better together to foster student achievement and economic development. Aligned is the only state-wide business group in Kansas or Missouri focused exclusively on education issues.

Our Role

Work as a third-party facilitator to address issues that matter most to educational achievement

Provide mentoring and career education opportunities for students and teachers

Get involved with School Board and School District decision makers to address issues

Participate at the community level to create multi-party dialogues around education

Pay attention to education policy at the Federal, State and local levels


Amplify the business voice to support student achievement and career readiness.

Our Strategy

Leverage the knowledge and resources of business leaders to generate dialogue and partnerships between and among businesses, as well as other key stakeholders.

Encourage the thoughtful investment of time, talent and treasure by businesses in education initiatives that will enhance student achievement and contribute to long-term economic development.

To this end, Aligned serves as a non-partisan convener of stakeholders that can educate and influence local, state and national policymakers on a regular basis to drive reform efforts.

Our Strategic Goals in 2023

Policy & Advocacy

Leadership and Business Engagement

Our Team

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Torree Pederson
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Linda Rallo
Vice President
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